Cheap low power pci express x16 video card

hello im looking for a cheap used low power video card for my pc heres the spec

core2quad qx8200 2,33ghz
6gb ddr2 ram
640gb hard drive

powersupply 350w

intel g45/g43 onboard graphics aint that bad tbh it runs call of duty black ops and mw at around 20 - 27fps on low ... im looking for something cheap and low power requirment to improve my gaming ... i dont mind lowering the graphics as long as frame rate is over 30ish

my slot is pcie express x16 version 2.0

please can someone reccoment a cheap used card for me ... ive been looking on ebay and im really stuck as theres so many
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  1. nvidia 5450 or gt210 both 1gb and 20pound
  2. What's your budget for the GPU?
  3. not alot tbh 20pound ... im not an heavy gamer and dont mind playing games at low settings ... theres a few ive come by

    hd 5450 512mb

    Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 (512MB) PCI-e

    GeForce 9500 GT 512 MB DDR2 PCI-E

    gt210 1gb

    there all used except gt210 and are all under 20 used witch is best
  4. Roughly like this.... (If I'm not wrong :D)

    X1950 (it will depends of the model) >= 9500GT > 5450 > 210 ( 1G mem is wasted on this weak card IMO.)

    I will go with x1950...
    But u will need to caution when buying used card...
    make sure u buy from trusted seller, and do some card healthty check...
  5. the x1950 512mb is off a trusted seller and is mint working condition for 20quid or i seen a 9800 gt for 20quid but thhe quy said it has driver problems or summerty
  6. can get a cheap 9800gt if thats any good ..
  7. 9800 GT is more powerfull than those card..

    it good card and better buy, but as i said buying second hand came with it's own risk and reward :D
  8. im going to hold off and save up for a new card instead as want something more recent with dx 11
  9. If u could try aim for HD 7770... it a good cheap card but quite capable..
  10. rdc85 said:
    If u could try aim for HD 7770... it a good cheap card but quite capable..

    I doubt his system would pull off the HD 7770. Since his using a 350w PSU, I believe the PSU requirement for that card is 500w
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