Need information about gtx 660

okay so i bought this psu XFX P1-550S-UKB9 PRO SERIES 550W PSU and i would like to learn what would be better for me.

i got 4gb of ram and intel core 2 duo e8500. and a geforce 210. i need a gpu that will allow me to play games like battlefield 3 and assassin's creed 3 on highest graphics settings.
can my psu handle a gtx 660? or will be explode? lol
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  1. Look at the psu specs sticker. If there is 24A OR higher under column +12v then you psu will handle gtx 660.
  2. Your PSU wil handle a GTX660 easily, as per nVidia's requirements (which are likely a bit higher than what is actually required) the 660 requires a 450 watt PSU. As XFX PSUs are quality units you are fine to run up to a GTX680 on that PSU (550w per nVidia).
  3. daym gtx680 lol anyway thanks guys
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