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Radeon sapphire 7850 2gb oc gpu load problems

February 25, 2013 12:55:56 PM

Hi, i bought a radeon 7850 2gb oc edition, I'm having gpu load problems...only in source/valve games i play tf2 l4d l4d2 css csgo and when i play max out, i get alot of fps dips/stutters, i used GPU-Z, i recorded the gpu load when i play BF3, its at 80%-100%. When i play my source/valve games its wont go above using the latest beta drivers...can help/relate to?

sapphire radeon 7850 2gb oc edition 21C idle 46C load
asrock 970 extreme3 am3+ mobo
amd phenom ii 965 BE @ 3.8ghz 24C idle 48C load
8GB corsair vengeance ram
2tb WD HDD
700 watt power supply

P.S i disabled 2d clocks with HIS iturbo