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Is there a way to use Quick sync and Sli?

Greetings, I have 2 680s in SLI , I understand that there is no support for Quick Sync on a SLI setup, but I was wondering if there's a way at all to use Quick Sync when encoding is needed, like disabling sli on Windows or on the mother board , bios, or anything. I am lost here and any help would be greatly appreciated :love:
(My MoBo is a Maximus V extreme btw.)

Thank you
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    We had this question some time ago on the forum. Quick Sync only works, when the intel gpu is the active gpu. First thing would be though, to plug your monitor into a mobo port. Second thing would be to de-activate the 2 680s somehow. That needs to be done at bios level. Take a look at your bios options. Maybe there is an option to do it.
  2. ok, thank you very much :)
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