Best graphic card suitable for my rig , any recommendation

Hello . My rig is a core 2 duo 2.93 ghz processor , 6 gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram , 450 w power supply , 500 gb harddisk , 20 " monitor , i play games at 1600x900 resolution my psu has only a 4 pin aux power cable , which is the best graphic card which can support this rig without bottlenecking , which should run metro 2033 like games atleast at high settings . I was thinking of buying radeon hd 7750 or hd 6790 or nvidia gts 450 . Which one is most suitable . Any other recommendations ?
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  1. I also have a similar rig and i have amd 5570. You could opt for7750 if you have enough psu requirement. It will run at mid to high settings at that resolution. Metro is more hungry than bf3 at highest settings! However cpu is a bottleneck. Do you have stock cooling! Also psu name and model would be helpful
  2. I dont know the name it came with the cabinate
  3. Can you give me your cabinet name i will try to find out! Is it zebronics?
  4. The psu is pc tech . Model no 450w-p4
  5. Googled it didn't much info though! Do you have 6 pin pci cable!
  6. Whats that like . I have 3 4pin cable one is used by harddisk . Another by dvd reader . 1 is free . Which card do u recommend
  7. 7750 doesn't need any additional power plugs, so without upgrading your psu, that may be the best bet.
  8. What about gtx 650 and hd 6790
  9. I would go with getochkn. Go for 7750. If you find problems then get a cheap 500w psu. I think it will work fine! You will be able to play a high settings with some medium as well. Good bet indeed!
    If you had a six pin pci connector you could have gone higher! I was trying to check that! Sorry if it was a hassle!
  10. Lahsiv said:
    What about gtx 650 and hd 6790

    gtx 650 needs an external power connector which you psu doesn't have. It is not recommended to in higher as you cpu will bottleneck! So 7750 is best without upgrading your system!
  11. Will 7750 also get bottlenecked ?
  12. Which version should i get ddr3 or ddr5 or gddr5
  13. And one last thing the card is a 3.0 pci-e version but my mother board has 2.0 pci-e slot will it work . Any problem?
  14. get the ddr5 version (it will be gddr5, same thing) and pci express 3.0 card is fine in a 2.0 slot.
  15. Which one should i buy there r so many like asus , saffire , power color , etc
  16. I have the Asus OC version myself and have had no problems with it.
  17. Thanx for replying guys B-)but my psu has 2 12v rail one with 18amp (max) and another with 16amp (max) . And unite power is appox 270 . Will it work
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