Why is my screen flickering?

So, im having this odd problem, my screen tends to flick on and off, its not constant and seems to happen randomly. Its like a split second, just one blink, so its hard to spot at times. Im worried there's a deeper issue.

My screen, is a Samsung 1080p full hd 32" TV, its plugged into my 7970. Not had any problems with my graphics as of yet. My PSU has a low amperage (24A) and multiple rails 12v1 and 12v2, its 650watt, but to me the amperage seems too low to handle my system. So yesterday i ordered a new PSU with 80+ silver standard, 850 watt, single rail with 70A.

What do you guys think?
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  1. Do you have anything else hooked to the TV to see if it's the TV or your PC like a digital cable box, PS3, XBox, etc or another monitor to try the PC with. I would have ruled out the TV first before I bought a new PSU.
  2. I needed a new PSU anyway i want to overclock and this one isnt enough for what i want to do with my system. I have a PS3 ill give that a test.
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