Radeon 7950 vs. nvidia gtx 670 ftw

i am looking to get the radeon 7950 but then i swa the gtx 670 ftw and im stuck in a pickle.

i don't really have enough money for the gtx 670 ftw but i could probably get some more money if i really had too.
I don't care about preferences i want to know benchmark wise which card would work best for me.

I will be playing games like minecraft, call of duty, arma 2 and day-z and some other fps games.

I don't really know anything about oc but i might do a little bit in the future.

any advice or suggestions would help along with what brand of which card is the best?
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  1. get :

    ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP
  2. Yeah the 7950 doesn't even compete with the GTX 670. The 7950 competes with the GTX 660 Ti not the GTX 670.

    So if your asking which is better it's obviously the GTX 670 although it is more expensive as you can get 7950's for as low as 300$.
  3. As far as benchmarks go here is the cards 3DMark11 scores from the 3DMark11 website.

    HD 7950- 8770P
    GTX 670ftw- 9410P
    GTX 660 Ti- 8660P

    As you can see the 7950 and the 660Ti are only 100 points different than each other but the 660 Ti is a little cheaper. But the 670ftw is about 7-800 points higher than the HD 7950, which is a fairly good amount ahead. Personally I'd go with the 660 Ti over the 7950. When you overclock the 660Ti you can almost get to the GTX 680 level. I know cause I have one.
  4. Just judging by the games you play but you would be fine with any one of those cards really. If price is a non issue though the 670 does win this battle. As for...

    When you overclock the 660Ti you can almost get to the GTX 680 level

    I think not... If you are just going off benchmarks (which aren't the whole story) my 680 scored 10660 out of the box.
  5. Yeah, take a look at some of the 3DMark11 660 Ti scores. They get up in the 11000P range. Which is faster than a 680.
  6. In fact a GTX 660 Ti can score as high as 12000P. Just go look on the website.
  7. Apples to apples you are talking highest scores ever posted with heavily overclocked cards. I would say 12000 is significantly lower then 16700
  8. if your gonna spend gtx 670 range go for 7970. honestly those games dont require more than a 7850
  9. http://www.hardocp.com/article/2012/08/23/galaxy_gtx_660_ti_gc_oc_vs_670_hd_7950/4#.USv-sDA3t28

    When overclocked a 7950 destroys a GTX660Ti and can compete with a GTX670.

    additionally if you're into 8x/16x AA/AF or multimonitor/1440+ a 79xx is better.
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