Buying a GPU in the next 30 minutes! What should I get?!

Well, I'm going to be buying a new GPU and have no idea what to get! My budget is 200~ish dollars and Ill be buying it in about 30 minutes.

I purchased a new cpu, i5 3570k, and a new mobo/ram to go along with the gpu already.

What should I get? I was looking at the 7870 Myst, but its out of stock at newegg and the killer promo is no longer valid!

Help!! :)
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  1. Hey I hope I can catch you before you buy. 200ish dollars is PERFECT for the Nvidia GTX 660. It costs 199.99 on average. It performs GREAT and is the BEST graphics card in that range. EVGA to me is the best name brand of 660 there is. If you wanna go a little cheaper you can get the AMD 7850 for about 179.99. And if you wanted to get one a little more expensive but not at all better than the 660 you could get a 7870 for 220.00.

    Get the Nvidia EVGA GTX 660! Not the Ti version just the regular 660. Best option there is.
  2. 660 is a solid choice (and would be mine along with EVGA), but like eric said, any one of those will work.
  3. And if your looking for a real bargain. Right now you can get a GTX 650 Ti for only 124.99. It's still a great performance card, it'll play most games on high settings(although not at the level of the 660) and it's at an awesome price. I found it at for only 124.99 when there normally 149.99

    Personally I'd go with he GTX 660 though. You never wanna skimp on the graphics card.
  4. I have two of the evga 660 SC and love them, plus the free game coupon is a bonus. The 7870 will be a bit faster, but I would still go for the gtx 660
  5. 660 it is!
  6. The 7870XT is actually a good pick - if you can find it in stock elsewhere, jump on it.

    That being said, if this is for gaming, I HIGHLY reccommend spending less on the CPU (or better yet, elsewhere in the build) to spend more on graphics.

    The rule of thumb is to spend twice on the GPU what you do on the CPU; that means if you budget out a 3570k, you should be looking at a 7970 or 670; 660ti minimum.

    If you drop back to even a 3470, that lets you buy an h77 motherboard, which will be cheaper... which should let you stretch to buy a 660ti, giving you a much more balenced system.
  7. too late 30 minutes is up.
  8. I'd go for the first one on your list. The GTX 660 Superclocked by EVGA for sure.
  9. Let us know which one you picked.
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