Hd 4650 high temps?

hd 4650 high temps when at cod5 GPU load is 100% and 80 degrees celcius is highest temp
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  1. check if the fan spin and when was the last time you dust off ?
  2. FAN SPINS and no dust
  3. what kind of air flow you got in that case ?
  4. i have opened one side of CPU and in FAR CRY 3 i get 30 fps 720p low but temps are at 87 degrees
  5. If you can. Remove the card's heatsink and re-apply cooling paste. Sounds like its drying up.. that should fix it
  6. use this to check how your system will play the game it gave me a test of 5 on your graphic card http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=883&game=Far%20Cry%203 and those temp are to high on your gpu .
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