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DUAL MONITORS : PC Dosen't recognize the second monitor

February 25, 2013 5:00:10 PM

Hi. To start I would like to tell you that i'm using Windows 8 and i'm not prepared to swap operating systems., I have two AOC 2050Sn Monitors which have only VGA (D-SUB) inputs,I wan't to connect them to my single graphics card, The ASUS Radeon HD 6450 which has a single: VGA, HDMI and Dual Link DVI-D inputs. I'm using a single wire into my first monitor from the VGA of my graphics card which works perfectly and in the Dual Link DVI-D input i have a DVI-D - VGA adapter but with that it doesn't seem to recognize my monitor anywhere, it's not in Screen Resoloution, Devices, Device Manager, Settings/Display Settings, it's nowhere and im not prepared to buy a new more than 30 pound and it HAS to have to VGA Ports if i am buying another monitor. The monitor's work on there own it's just when a monitor is plugged into the DVI it is not connected although both monitors work in the single VGA

Thanks for reading my Problem,
I Hope For A Quick Soloution
Muchas Gratsias

- Maurice Jones