New cpu or graphic card ?

Hey everyone, first of all sorry for my english..
So i have a interesting question and i cant answer it by myself, so i need your help please.

My PC specs:
Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G
CPU: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz , overclock at: 3.40 GHz
Graphic card:Ati Radeon 4650 HD, 1GB, DDR2,directX 10.1,PCI Express 2.0 x16,55nm

I know my pc is old and it's not the best, but i dont have a money for new one and i want to buy new ps or xbox, so i dont want to spend much money on pc... i just want to play normaly games, they can be on low.. i play warZ a lot but i cant have it on 1920*1080 resolution.. and when i play other games on 1920*1080res, it's very laggy, so i need to play them on 1280*720 but then the graphic sux..

so what i want to ask you, i need to buy a new CPU or Graphic Card? i cant buy both.. i was intereseting to buy some intel core2 quad cpu.. i want to know what will be best if i buy, new cpu or graphic card ? and what graphic card will be good for my specs, i dont want i buy some expensive card whick wont work with FULL efficiency.. thanks all for help, i hope you will help me and try to answer my question beacouse i really need your help.. :)
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  1. Man your pc is really old,you 'd better upgrade it all or just throw it away.If you want to play games you will need a good and cheap cpu and gpu.A good cheap cpu with at least 90$is the quad core intel or an amd.Now for gpu i think a good one and cheap is the geforce 9600gt or a gtx 2xx series.With this pc you ll be struggling even surfing the internet.If you dont want spent more than 200-250$ go for a ps3 or xbox.
  2. thank for the answer, but i think you didnt read all i wrote..
  3. A new gpu will almost always give you a bigger boost in performance than a new cpu. Please give a budget for what you are willing to spend.
  4. I agree what is your current budget set at?

    I would say that yes GPU's typically give you a larger boost in performance. However given the current CPU you are using and the dated memory you have it may be best to take care of those two options because when you take a look at the video cards you could buy anything beyond a 7770 or gtx650 would more then likely bottleneck your system and even at that point I'm being generous.

    Also, I would like to add a graphics card is a band aid to the larger issue with your current configuration.
  5. ok so i'll get a new GPU.. umm can you suggest some GPU for up to 100€ ?
  6. Here is a 7750. This is about as far as I would go because the rest of your computer needs work.
  7. nice, i like it! but i see there is 77501 GB and 77502GB,so which one should i take ? and i see both have PCI Express 3.0.. is this good for my motherboard ?
  8. I'd go with the 1 gigabyte card because the settings you'd get in games wouldn't push beyond that of what you would get with the 7750.

    And yes your motherboard will work with a PCI-E 3.0 card it won't run as fast but it will work. (It'll go as fast as your motherboard will go)
  9. thank you very much for your time and help, you helped me alot:)
  10. Not a problem I'd say for now if you do light gaming it should be just fine for you however in the future you may want to look towards a bucket upgrade for your CPU, Motherboard, and RAM.
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