PLEASE HELP: PC will NOT boot at ALL!

I was hunting for a bluetooth device manager driver for a keyboard i just got. As I was installing the driver about 75% through the installation my PC froze, I did a hard boot. When I turned it back on my fans, hard drive, cpu, and mobo all turn on but I got no video at all, no bios, no splash screen. It did turn back on once since this happened but it froze again loading the desktop from the start menu. Since then its been a brick.

PLEASE HELP ME! I am at a loss. This build isn't even a month old, and worked perfectly up to this moment.
system specs are below, except I have a EVGA GTX650 1GB instead of the 2GB.
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  1. Please post system specs. I can't see them below :)
  2. My Rig:
    -Intel i5-3470 Quad @3.2GHz
    -ASUS P8 Z77-V LK
    -12GB DDR3 (8GB,2GB,2GB) Hyper Red X
    -EVGA GeForce GTX650, 1GB GDDR5
    -500GB Seagate
    -550w Ultra PSU

    I've already tried resetting the bios by popping out the battery for a min or 2, doesnt recognize windows dvd (maybe it does just with no video)
    but im pretty curtain that it isnt my video settings
    and im 100% sure my monitor works

    sorry i forgot to mention my OS: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
  3. This could be completely, and entirely unrelated. However, I too just had a similar issue with a comp I was trying to fix today. I get a splash screen, but that is it. I cannot enter setup or anything just as yourself. Sticks on the splash. I can only assume this is some sort of hardware failure or very major BIOS bug of which I have no idea how to get around. Not to hijack the thread but wondering if anything is related. It's an older comp from the early XP days I believe, also working completely fine until trying to download driver software from Windows Update.
  4. :\ well in my case i have zero video. no splash screen. the SATA led on my mobo is on and everything appears to run correctly but no video. and all the equpidment is literally brand new. Im pretty sure its a bios issue that i dont know how to fix without seeing what im doing. i just dont see how a trusted bluetooth driver that wasnt even fully installed did this.

    i just remembered it did do a VERY quick windows update the first and only time the computer actually came back on since this happened, then nothing.
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    For simplification's sake, try removing the video card and connecting your monitor to the on-board video output, then start the computer.

    Give it a minute. It sometimes takes a bit to get a display the first time you switch.

    If you get a picture. I would check temps in the BIOS, then try booting into safe mode and doing a system restore.
  6. I thought about doing that but I really was certain that it was not my GPU, but sure enough. i popped out my EVGA, connected to the on board video, and it fired right up. Booted up from my windows dvd and doing a system restore on that system as i am typing.

    thank you everyone, especially Z1NONLY. I really need to learn that the simplest answer is normally the correct one.
  7. boot tot he windows CD and see if you can do a repair
  8. exactly what I did, I really wanted to cover my bases, so i opted for the restore, from almost a month ago, my only regret is that i dont think i backed up my Steam game saves since then. :/. I got the system restore running for about 30min now it really shoudnt be alot to alter so hopefully it will be done soon.

    funny note. i've owned dozens of systems, mostly manufactured by a big boy. this is the first system i actually have a Windows DVD, i was a little excited to actually use it since installation. I hate this recovery partion BS
  9. Sounds like you are on track.

    Let us know how it turns out.
  10. -update-
    I received a new GPU today, an EVGA Geforce GTX660 FTW SIG2 2GB. and I am currently using that. Everything seems to be back to normal. My system did freeze once since my new card was installed. Hoping it was a fluke and wont happen again. thank you all. This has always been one my favorite forums, this definitely knocked it up a few pegs.
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