What are a good set of speakers for my needs

i want to get a set of speakers for my comp because im getting a new sound card. I want to get a good set of speakers with power so i can blast my music while playing it and while playing a game. They dont have to be a whole set of 5 speakers it can just be 2. Also my price range is around 50 dollars(i know not much to deal with). Also i was wondering if my sound card could be able to hook up with my stereo system in my room which is surround sound and plays dvds. If it helps any im going to be getting a sound blaster audigy xgamer card.
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  1. Yeah it will hook up to your stereo. Thats what I would do, even a bookshelf stereo from wallmart can beat most computer speakers.
    Save that 50bucks for a upgraded amp or speakers for your home stereo. If you want a computer speaker setup save up for logitech z560.

    "dude your getting a dell", is that kid trying to say he wants to stick his 'dell' in you?
  2. go to your nearest Bestbuy and check out the Promedia line up by Klipsch .... before you touch anything, Buckle up, It could get bumpy... solid sounding speakers and the power is deffinetly there.. promedia 2.1's (2 speakers + sub ) 200Watts, CON for most people is the price, could be lower, it's currently around the 179$ area... but i think deffinetly worth it!!

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  3. do i have to buy some kind of converter for it to hook up to my stereo
  4. Maybe a RCA to 3.5mm conversion cable from ultimate electronics or radio shack. try monster cables if they make one.

    "dude your getting a dell", is that kid trying to say he wants to stick his 'dell' in you?
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