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Upgrade from AGP to PCIE

First I apologize in advance for the long winded post. Second, I will admit I am a cheap wad and I don't usually buy anything new to upgrade to my computer. I usually wait until I have gotten every last bit of use out of something before I switch. With that said I want to upgrade my graphics card which is currently a HIS Radeon IceQ 4670 AGP card with 1GB of video memory (not sure if DD3 or not).

My motherboard is an AS-ROCK DUAL-VSTA which has both AGP and PCIE for graphics slot options. My question is there a PCIE card that will beat my AGP 4670 on performance while drawing less power? (Side question: Does anyone know which form factor AGP/PCIE draws less power? ie. would a 4670 AGP draw less than a 4670 PCIE?)

I have looked at the Radeon 5570 which in my research shows that it fairs slightly better in power consumption but is bested by the 4670 in performance by a slight margin. I have looked at the 6570 which draws slightlyless power at idle than the 5570 but reviews show that it will draw slightly more at load which gives me mixed feelings.

The bottom line is I looking for a card that draws as little power as possible while maintaining or besting an AGP 4670 in performance. I would have thought that in two generations AMD would have come out with a card that can do this but I am not so sure.
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  1. If you are cheap, you will find that all new cards are pci-e based and cost much less than their agp variants.

    Power usage will be the same, regardless of agp or pci-e.

    But, even though your motherboard has a pci-e slot, it is only X4 which will severely limit the performance of a graphics card installed in it.

    I don't think they make any AGP graphics cards today that are stronger than your 4670.

    If you want more graphics power, you are looking at a motherboard change too.
    If you do that, you might as well go whole hog and replace everything.
  2. A 6670 ddr3 or ddr5 will outperform and draw less power than a 4670.

    Also, the 7750 will draw even less power than the 6670 while offering close to double the performance of the 6670.

    On the Nvidia side you have the GTX650 which is similar to the 7750 in power consumption and performance at a slightly higher cost.

    The main issue with these cards is compatibility can be an issue when using a PCIE 1.x slot, especially one at 4x.

    Honestly, if your system is old enough to use an AGP slot it's time for a new system.
  3. that MB just suck. better keep it that way and invest in a new PC.
    the idea of pci-ex x4 is bad. whatever pci-ex video card you will buy it'll be dragged down.
  4. Sorry for not posting this originaly, I guess I just thought everyone would know that the motherboard has an x16 PCIE slot as described on Asrock's site:

    Again it is not and x4 it is x16!
  5. What CPU do you have but I'd second 7750, no external power needed.
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    Moonspell said:
    Sorry for not posting this originaly, I guess I just thought everyone would know that the motherboard has an x16 PCIE slot as described on Asrock's site:

    Again it is not and x4 it is x16!

    Sorry for the confusion. I looked it up as this board:

    You can use any card within the limits of your psu.
    In general, the newer cards based on 28nm construction will require less power.
    Here is a handy chart that tells you what power you need for most cards:

    The 7750 would be a good jump in capability over a 4670 and use even less power.
  7. It's a common error. The Intel socket 775 version of hybrid (both AGP and PCI-E) boards always ran the PCI-Ex16 slot @ x4 The AMD Socket 939/AM2 versions of hybrid boards always ran the PCI-Ex16 slot @x16. This coming from a former ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 user.

    What graphics card you *should* install is going to depend greatly on what CPU you have installed. With an X2-4800+, I wouldn't use any card that would be more than what would compare to an old Geforce 8800GTS-512 (used to use an 8800GTS-640 in my old board with the X2-4800+). The lesser the processor, the lessor the graphics card you should install.

    -Wolf sends
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