Dvd drive won't play dvd's..

I was wondering if any could help me...I have a pioneer dvd-114 drive(1999), WinDvD 2000, and a geforce 2 64mb mx400. I've used it as a normal cd-rom since i bought it, never tried to play dvd's in it. So I went out and figured I'd rent Pearl Harbor on dvd and give it a try. I popped it in, the drive clicked a few times and nothing happened....so i open windvd and hit play...nothing...

So I went and installed the latest firmware as well as drivers....still nothing....I also went out and bought a cleaning disk...that didn't help either....anyone know why i can't watch my dvd....
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  1. Make sure WinDVD2000 has selected the proper drive, my guess is you also have a CD or CDRW drive in the system which WinDVD2000 is using as the default DVD drive.

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  2. nope the DvD drive is my only cd drive here. Although I did have a cd-rw drive in here before i put this one in. How would I change it so that this drive is recognize. I didn't remove any drivers or anyhting that the burner came with, how would I do that. The bios recognizes this drive though.....
  3. I forgot, I've been using PowerDVD so long.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. is the drive even detecting the DVD? do you see the DVD label under My Computer? if not, then it sounds to me like the drive is dying. you've been using it since 1999? my CD-ROM drive that i got around 1999 just went kaput today. what a coincidence.
  5. The drive works fine on normal and music cd's, it's just dvd's it won't accept. if i go into device manager, it says pioneer dvd-114 and when it starts up it says Slave: Pioneer dvd-114. Oh, if I put a dvd in and double click it in my computer it says drives not ready or something like that.....so it works as a normal cd-rom drive, it just won't do dvd's. Think it could be a driver problem? If i go into the Driver tab under it's device manager properties, it says drivers aren't needed and never were installed for it. Could this bne a problem. Also note that I had a HP cd-r drive before this..maybey that has something to do with it.....
  6. Have you tried any other dvd?

    Maybe it has something to do with region protection.

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  7. just pearl harbor so far, but the disk was in perfect condition, no scratches, marks, etc...
  8. Just guessing but perhaps there is an option in the vid card controle panel for dvd reading. Some option might need enabling!

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  9. There is no option in the video card thing to enable DvD playback. Anything else?
  10. is it in DMA mode? if it is, you can try turning it off. i would also suggest what orbz said and try another DVD. even in perfect condition, it could have been a bad press.

    have you ever had the drive not detect regular data or music cd's? in my experience, my drives usually start having trouble detecting data discs first, and then shortly after, music cd's stop working. maybe your drive is starting to die, and DVD's are starting to not get detected first. i would imagine DVD's require a more keen laser. all speculation mind you, and i'm probably completely wrong. :P
  11. I think Crashdude was on the right track. DVD software and this Atlas program I have both get narrow minded and will not look anywhere but where they wanna look for stuff to be. If you have done anything to your puter that would cause drive letter assignments to change then this is very likely your problem. All it takes is adding or removing a hd or cd/dvd or partitioning a drive and the software looses track of the default drive and won't look anywhere else without manual intervention. Also the software might need the "zone" or "region" set before it will work. Make sure to pick the right zone for where most of your dvds come from. I can help you figure some of this out when I get home to my puter.

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