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I have a radeon sapphire HD 5970 and just recently when I game it makes a noise like the fan is rubbing on something. So, I went and restarted the game and when the graphics got demanding in the game it made the same noise. So, i went and ran MSI Kompressor on it and with both gpu's at 99-100% it never made the noise i ran its over and over and never made the noise. Then, I took off the heat sinks and all that and come to find out the fan was rubbing on the caps under the fan. The fan wasn't loose or anything and I put putty on the top of the caps put it back on and ran the card made the same noise. Then i took the card apart again and the putty wasn't touched so I have no idea what it is. So can anyone help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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  1. I had the same problem wih my 6970, it sounds like a metl on metal kinda hum. I cranked the fan to 50% in catalyst and it went away after a few minutes.
  2. OK thanks I will check the back plate on it. to see if that is it.
  3. That wasn't it. :(
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