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Can i run this graphics card?

Hello, I am just wondering if I can run the AMD Radeon 7770?

This is what my PC contains:
AMD A6-3770K Quad Core Processor
4gb of ram
Windows 7 64 bit
Asrock A75M Motherboard (PCI-e 2)
PSU-Storm 600w-21A at 12v

Thanks :)
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    Just by having a quick glance I would say so yes.

    Just a quick question, are you sure it is a 3770k? I this is an i7, not an AMD, and I cannot find an AMD 3770k anywhere? Please let me know.

    With regards to your choice of GPU, you will really only benefit from a high end GPU so long as it runs along side a decent CPU. Others would disagree, saying that most games/programs etc. only really utilise 1 or 2 cores, but there is a definite difference in performance with a more powerful CPU. Without knowing the exact model of your CPU however, (As detailed above), I cannot find it's performance. Once I know this I shall let you know whether it is suitable. =)
  2. i made a mistake with typing, its a A6-3670K not the one i typed

    Thanks :)
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