New Detonator XP Drivers (28.32) Any Good?

I'm using an older version of the Nvidia Detonator XP Drivers (21.85) for my Visiontek GF3 Ti200. I just downloaded but have not yet tried the new version 28.32 drivers from Nvidia's site. Has anyone had any experience with them? The last driver I tried (the one published in November, I think -- 23.11?), made my machine unstable and I had to roll back. Are there any real benefits of this driver over the one I'm using.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Ain't this fun!
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  1. I have been using them since Saturday and have had no problems. I can't see any frame
    increase but they perform well with no lockups.

    :smile: <b><font color=green>I took an I.Q. test came back negative.</font color=green></b> :smile:
  2. I'm using a PNY ti200 and saw a pretty noticeable FPS bump when I did the same driver upgrade. I think I averaged about 10 fps better in RtCW after upgrading. Nothing beats a free FPS boost IMHO.
  3. 28.32s here on vt gf3.. lovem no problems at all.

    Athlon XP 1700+,KT266A,Geforce3, Audigy.. 'nuff said.
  4. I've been using the new driver now for almost a week and have had no problems.

    I swiched from an older ATI card to the Nvidia based card mainly because I was having driver problems with ATI's Win XP drivers. I have been extremely pleased with the change.


    Ain't this fun!
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