Need help with CrossFire

Hi everyone, my PC has the following components:
- Processor: i7 2600k @ 3.4GHZ
- Mother Board: Foxconn p67a-s [updated to the latest BIOS] /
- RAM: 8 GB @ 1333MHZ [2x4]
- GPU: 2x Power Color HD 4650 1GB GDDR3/128 bit [Overclocked both of them to 625MHZ in GPU & Memory Clock] /

- Hard Drive: Western Digital 500 GB 7200 rpm
- DVD Drive
- PSU: 500 Watt

Yesterday I added the other [HD 4650 GPU] and I re-installed windows [7 professional x64], after installing the "AMD CATALYST 13.1" it automatically gave me the option to "Enable

CrossFire" and I did that, but I really think that CrossFire is not working. So, I installed "MSI Kombustor" and did the test, but as the test was going it didn't give me any "GPU1 LOAD" and

in the same time the "GPU0 LOAD" was about 80%. [by the way i got 48FPS there].

After that I Disabled the CrossFire and ran the test again and got "27FPS" with "GPU0 LOAD" was 100%.

I know there's an increase in the frame rate, but why can't "MSI Kumbustor" indicate the "GPU1 LOAD".

p. s. I knwo that combining 2x HD 4650 in CrossFire is not that good "and that I should buy one good GPU instead", but I really don't want to pay any money [and i got the other Hd 4650

for free :)].

Is it the PSU that causing this, and if this was right, i think the PSU should have worked in CrossFire and then fail :(

At the end, I did try the following [with no results :(]:
- show CrossFire in the upper-right corner if it's working.
- Disabled the Catalyst A.I.

Sorry to be soooo boring and your help is relly appreciated :)
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  1. The FPS results make it appear that CF is working even if Kombustor isn't showing the 2nd card's load. Try Furmark and see what results it shows.
  2. Msi afterburners onscreen display can be configured to show both cards usage, set it up and go play a game for a while, see if it shows both being loaded
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