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Just today I was thinking of playing the new Crysis 3, when it popped up a message telling me my Graphics Card does not support DirectX 11. After extensive Google-ing I found out that my Graphics Card indeed does not support the newest version of DirectX and therefore I can't play Crysis 3.
Now I began to think of buying myself a new Graphics Card so I'll be able to play all the games coming out the coming few years. But I've never upgraded my pc before, so here I am asking for your help..

I own the following computer: Packard Bell iXtreme M5741 running Windows 8 Enterprise N 64-bit. Currently I am using the Graphics Card that comes with the pc (GeForce GT 320), but as I stated earlier it doesn't support DirectX 11... :(

What I want to try is buy one of the following Graphic Cards (GeForce GT640 or GeForce GT620) and upgrade my pc, but I don't know if they're compatible with the motherboard that's built-in (Packard Bell H57M01). Can you please help me? I just need some explaination on how to upgrade, compatibility, tips & tricks, and everything else :p Any questions can be posted down below, I'll answer them as good as I can!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. As long as your motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot then your set. Get the GT 640 since its way better than the gt260.

    Now to install it just simply take out your older graphics card and put in your new one. You would then plug in the supplementary power for the card but the GT 640 does not need one. Close your pc, plugin in your Monitor to the graphics card and turn it on. The resolution should be messed, things are to big, etc. It should now download the latest drivers for your graphics card automatically
  2. I'm not 100% sure, but my guess is that most cards would work with that board.

    According to this:


    You have a Core i3 530 which will be alright for light to moderate gaming. The big issue here is going you be your power supply. Most pre-built desktop systems have a relatively low end power supply that is just enough to power what is currently in the system (around 300 watts or so)

    You could replace the GT320 with one of the lower end 600 series cards you mentioned, but my guess is that they aren't going to get you very far in Crisis 3. Maybe low settings on a super low resolution. I would recommend upgrading your power supply and then picking a higher end graphics card depending on your budget, maybe a Radeon 7770 or GTX 650ti. Much more than that and your CPU is going to be your bottleneck.
  3. @JD88
    I think I have a Core i7.. Running the DirectX Diagnostic Tool I found this processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs). And after opening my computer I found out my power source is a 250 Watt (Picture of power source). Should I upgrade both before I can upgrade my Graphics Card or is it possible to get the GT640 and use it with this power source?

    A PCIe x16 slot? I read about this on other forums, but I do not know how I can recognize it, so I made you a nice picture as well :) Picture
    Do you recognize this as a PCIe x16 slot? Or do you know how I can find out whether I have that slot or not?

    Thanks both of you already :D
  4. get the GT640
  5. owens5054 said:
    get the GT640

    Well, it's not the problem to "get this or that", but I need to know whether I can put it in my pc and get it to work..
  6. I don't know whether or not it's allowed, but I really need some help here, so kinda bumping the thread..

    Can anyone help me with my Graphics Card? Does this have a PCIe x16 slot?
    And is this a strong enough power source to support the GeForce GT640?

  7. Your pc have pci exp slot x16.gt 640 will work but you need new psu of 400w
  8. Some Googleing brought me to an online store where I found this PSU.
    Would this be a go or no go? Guess I would have to measure my current PSU's size so the new one will fit in right?
  9. ---------------Edit:
    I live in the Netherlands by the way and somewhat nearby we have a large electronics store. Looking on their site I found this PSU. Should I just go to their store and ask them about their opinion? I could take my "old" (current) PSU with me to show them the size etc.

    Lol I was not allowed to edit my own message, so I just have to Quick Reply..
  10. That psu is fine
  11. Thanks for the help Ashish :)
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