Can my computer run this card?

Hi today i bought a cheap graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 210 PNY) and i was wandering if i can use it on my AMD A6-3600 APU? Its a HP Pavilion 2011 Series.
My Specs:
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  1. It will work in your pc.
  2. Will the graphics be any better though? and thanks for the quick reply.
  3. And Also how will my power supply handle it? will anything go wrong if installed properly?
  4. No, the A6-3600 has 6530D graphics which is far better than GeForce 210.
  5. It is debatable whether it will perform better than the 6530D in the Apu...
  6. What would you recommend for a bugget?
  7. What is your budget? You need to give us a range because a budget to one person can be 100 times that of another person.
  8. Im willing to spend 100 at the moment untill i get all my stuff payed for. Unless i can get a nicer one for a little over 100
  9. You can get a 6770 for US$100. It's about 2.5 times better on the Passmark G3D scores. Look at some benchmarks to see.
  10. Radeon 7750 for $100.
    Easy on PSUs, great performance.
    Heres a nice thin PowerColor model:
    Seriously recommend this card ^
  11. get a 6750, 6770, or 7750 if you want to do some gaming. 7750 is your best option, probably.
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