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Question about the PCIe x16 slots?

Ok here is my motherboard:

I know some motherboards one slot is faster than the other when it comes to PCIe slots and I'm thinking if I've found correctly this one the 2 slots are the same x16. Was wondering because I'm thinking of moving my graphics card down to the 2nd slot to make a little more room for my cpu heatsink.

If someone could confirm or correct me on this that would be nice.

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    You are correct in saying that the 2 slots are the same. it is only when you insert TWO graphics cards, one in each slot, would both slots clock down to x8 each. thus, moving your graphics card would not be a problem at all :-)
  2. You'll be ok, anyway an X8 slot is still correct for today's graphic card so don't bother at all !!
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