Monitor/LCD Dual Monitor - Can't get it to work

Hi all:
Running a bit of an older computer:

AMD Phenom II X6 1100T processor
8GB ram
Windows 7 64 bit Pro
Sapphire Radeon 68XX GPU
(anything else, just ask)

When moving the comp around, I was able to set it up so I could hook up my LCD monitor and was planning on using it as a 2nd monitor while I'm playing games or to watch movies on.

The problem is, it won't work as a dual monitor.
I've run through the resolution bit: I can turn it into the primary monitor and it works great
But every time I try and extend it, it comes up with the "unable to save" or do anything.

The HDTV's on an HDMI cable and my monitor is run through the DVI.

Any suggestions on what to do?
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  1. Do you have audio going out to the TV via your video card's HDMI cable? Or is it going to a speaker set?

    If the first, I don't really have any thoughts. Maybe try uninstalling CCC and drivers and running a cleaner program, then try reinstalling.
    If the second, my only thought off the top of my head this morning is you could try hooking up your TV to the second DVI port via a DVI->HDMI adapter (most cards come with one these days)
  2. There is audio running to the TV via the HDMI....
    Though I disabled it in the audio pannel after I noticed it.

    Perhaps if I ran HDMI to the monitor as well as the tv?
  3. I mentioned having the HDMI come from the DVI port because I personally have had issues with HDMI and multiple monitors. I'm sure there's a reason you're having issues, but that was simply the only thing I could think of that might work aside from the first suggestion.

    If you were trying to run 3 monitors then the troubleshooting would probably be easier, but given you're only attempting to use two, I'm a bit stumped if neither suggestion works.
  4. A few thing that strike me as odd:

    When I'm setting up the monitors, when I click on the TV... it doesn't let me adjust the resolution - not until I set it as a primary monitor - and then I can't adjust the monitor itself.

    Secondly, when I go in through the Vison Center - it only says one of the monitors is installed.

    It's just weird lol.
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