512 MB AMD Radeon HD 7420G (Integrated) and 1 GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 7670M (D

Wanted to buy HP Pavilion G6 laptop HP Pavilion G6 2.5 GHz With Turbo Core Technology Upto 3.0 GHz Chipset :AMD A70M
can I play Crysis 3 and all versions of NFS??
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  1. You can play them, but they'll be on mid to low settings, Crysis is especially hard on computer requirements
  2. @shashi118
    That laptop comes with dual graphics i.e., ATI Radeon HD 7420G (Integrated) + ATI Radeon HD 7670M 1 GB DDR3 (Dedicated). It will run Crysis 3 in medium settings between 30-40 fps. All versions of NFS will run between 30-35 fps in High Serrings and between 40-45 fps in medium settings. It will also play Max Payne 3, Black Ops 2, Hitman 4 Absolution and many recent games in medium to high settings. The laptop have really good specifications for a normal gamer. And its value for money. :wahoo:
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