Tri Sli but only one card has two gold finger tabs What next?

one gtx 570 has two sli gold finger tabs...I purchased two more cards opened them up and both have only one sliu gold finger tab per card, in order to tri sli i need a bridge that hits one single row instead of the two tab two row conig...any ideas? are the two newer cards lower bin? the box says nothing of being two sli limited...any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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  1. If they only have 1 tab, they only support Dual card config, not triple...
  2. Whats the make/model? I don't really know if they ever made any non tri-SLi capable 570s.
  3. i don't think there is any way of getting around that. You might have to return them.
  4. i have seen the quad hard bridge, if i put my dual tab card in the middle and the two single tab cards on the out side and set the bridge with the no. two connector on number one card it would be the config i need, but i do not knwo how that would work. the cards are bran-new, zotac gtx 570, they totally look like a shorter different model but i says nothing of the single tab on the box my two tab is a zotac gtx 570 amp edition, itwas the one i had first and i cant find any more amps for less than 380 bucks and they are on the web, i bought mine in person at fry's before xmas 2012 installed it now with the other two i opened up, then i realized the tab bull****, i have the amp edition sitting in the box and the two regulars in sli on my baord now. i purchased the two similar cards with two year repair return deal at micro, if i take em back, i probably cant find any two tab cards on the shelf and there goes my tri sli 570 in the can :-(
  5. i have a crosshair v and fx 8120, runs great so far, i had one 6870 in it, but trying to move to tri sli and fill the board with gpu's up at 2.1 speed without legacy
  6. Well your idea sounds like it "might" be possible. You might be able to grab something like this: and use that. I really have no experience with this sort of setup though so I am just using my powers of poor logic and google. :)
  7. I'm thinking the preset footprint of a solid factory laid out pathway would be the most logically idiot proof config. I have no idea the order, if any, the cards need to daisy chain to fall within the realm of working conditions acceptable by the perameters of the system i.e. gpu's tri sli...I have seen no similar circumstance asked about
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