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MSI GTX 670 reference idle temp way too high


I'm using reference MSI gtx 670 and the idle temps have always seemed high. I'm using a 6 fan haf X case and if i set the gpu fan to 30% the idle temperature is 48 C! Is this normal or way too high. I even have a 120 mm fan pointed directly at the gpu. please help :(
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  1. How many monitors are you running? if it's two or more, this is normal. if it's just a single monitor, then 48 is definately high and we can talk about your fan set up
  2. just the one 1080p thank you for helping! i have 200mm front and 230mm side intake and 140mm back and 2 200mm top exhausts. Then i have a 120mm fan in a duct pointed at the gpu directly.

    Any suggestions?
  3. hmm, well you probably have a little negative pressure (sucking air into the case due to all the exhausts), but aside from getting the inside of your case a bit dusty you're pretty good as far as the fan set up...

    what does your load temps look like? if that's crazy then your card have some issues, otherwise maybe you can just turn the idle fan speed up a bit?
  4. I say turn up the fan a bit more. 30% is too low for a reference cooler since it only has one fan to work with. Remove one of your top fan put it on the air duct and that should help more. 3 exhaust 2 intake doesn't work well when 2 out of 3 exhaust fans equate to 400mm of space. So change that up, monitor it and report back.
  5. 3d mark fire strike extreme gets it to about 65 C and usually i get more on some extreme games. I think max load temp is around 70 or so with aggressive fan profile. What would cause the idle to be high and the load to be normal? Even with my fan profile i idle at 38 C at 55% fan speed.
  6. yeah, those look like perfectly normal load temps with an acceptable fan profile. idling at 38C at 55% speed is perfectly normal.

    for reference, my own 7970 idles at 52C (because it idles at a higher clock due to two monitors) at 39% fan. Don't worry, the slightly higher temperature won't hurt your card at all, these cards are built to last 5+ years within thermal limits. chances are you'll throw it out before it goes bad :)
  7. would it be worth getting an aftermarket cooler if I want to SLI?
  8. k33g0rz said:
    would it be worth getting an aftermarket cooler if I want to SLI?

    For SLI blowers are actually debateably better because fans require more room to work with(airflow room) than blowers meaning when you have many cards cramped against eachother the blowers win out.
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    yes, it's a somewhat hotly debated topic among enthusiasts, but generally I agree that blowers win out the more cards you have
  10. k33g0rz said:
    would it be worth getting an aftermarket cooler if I want to SLI?

    Get the same type due to identical cooling features otherwise one will get hotter than the other. Way too hot. Blowers are better at SLI.
  11. just a quick update: I was playing CS: GO last night and it was hitting 69 C under load which it always does and the internet went out. I then started up the witcher with max settings which usually is the hottest thing at 75 C. However, when I stopped playing and check its levels during gameplay, the temp was 65 C max.

    Now here is the kicker, i then let it drop down to idle temp which went all the way to 26 C at 38% fan speed: a 12C drop from earlier! What the heck could be happening? could it have been dust clogged in the blower?
  12. some dust clogging in the blower is possible... otherwise your card got scared of being shipped back to the factory and decided to run cooler for ya :P
  13. my inside of my case gets pretty dusty, is there a good haf X fan config to prevent this or should i just cut some filters out of furnace filters?
  14. you should cut out some dust filters, it's also generally good practice to get dust out of your case about once a year or more often
  15. OK I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! when chrome is open my clocks raise from 340~ to 967 MHZ and it then raises the GPU temp!!

    Is this normal? how do i stop my clocks from rising just off of using the forums?

    EDIT: you have to disable GPU acceleration in chrome

    type "about:flags" in address bar

    go to GPU acceleration and select "disable"

    Enjoy super cool idle temps for all days.
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