New COmputer, New GPU - Issue Installing/Compatibility

I recently purchased this computer:

And then put this into it:

When installing the 650 ti hardware, nothing happens. The screen stays completely blank, I never get to install drivers or see any loading screens at all.

I put tried all possible combinations for power from the gs700 to the ti, but nothing changed. I put the 650 ti in my old computer, which is much less powerful being almost 10 years old, Windows 7, and with a 300 watt a power supply, and was running an Evga 6800 GTS. The 650 ti card worked. It installed and everything ran just fine, of course all games and graphics were significantly improved.

I tried putting the old Evga into the new machine and after about 30 seconds, the Windows screen finally popped up. I didn't see the Gateway load screen, so it was taking the computer a while to get the signal to the pci card for some reason. So, I tried the 650 ti in the Gateway again and waited for 15 minute but still nothing.

The card is not dead, nor is the power supply, it's more than enough power at that, and the PCI slot isn't the issue. What the heck is going on? Please help!
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  1. with newer z77 mb there now made to have the main video that set in the bios come on first. when you bought that poc the main video was the onboard ipgpu. with new card install you have to go in and under primany video output turn on two monitor support. the will have both the ipgpu and gpu video come on at the same time and let you know your card is working in the pc. after you boot and install the go back into the bios and switch the primany video output from ipgpu to gpu.
  2. Thanks, smorizio. This "poc" is running great, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3 and tons more, all on ultra settings with zero lag. Thanks!
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