Would running 2 cards be worth it? (gts250)

I have a Pny 1gb gts250 I was wondering would it be worth the money for buying a second used one just to play games on simple settings or just drop the money and buy a new card like the gtx670? My Psu can handle a second card. Take note I am a broke college student.
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  1. what is your res?
  2. i would put money on a new card (i don't good experiences with SLI and was running dual 560ti...)

    Anyway even dual 250 will be slower than a 7770 or a 650ti that sells for about 100 to 150$ depending on version and cooler that they have...

    *** Unless you only have 20$ to spend, i'll grab a newer and single card config...
  3. ^ Um speaking from personal experience. The HD4850 is somewhere between the HD7750 and the HD7770. The HD4850 is Radeons GTS250 with more power consumption. Answering OP's question... HELL YES it would be worth it if you dont care about direct x11 GTS250's are still strong compared to the GT640, HD6670 and the other mid range cards out there.
  4. I have 2 gts250 512s in my old computer. It still runs fine, it can run most any game at medium-ish settings. The big problem my old computer has is the q6600 can't run PS2. It will run blackops2 medium, BF3 low, and MW3 high, ME3 high, no problem.

    If your carefull and you have some time, you can get a good GTS250 on ebay for around $30.

    What CPU and board do you have? If your still running an old board like an nvidia 650i or 750i, you might be better served to save your money for a new cpu board and ram.
  5. not really dude get a new one it should have more technology on it trust me!
  6. First off thanks for all the input guys! Im feeling twards bucknutty cause I can still run most games at good quality. I really dont play much modern stuff I still playing tf2 but it does get a little laggy on max settings, I cant really run AC3 even on the lowest settings. But I can find one for dirt cheap so I guess I might get one
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