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Pro cameras no longer have to be big in size. Enter <A HREF="" target="_new">Sony DSC-V1</A> the handy professional digital camera. It's got 5.1 mega pixels, nightframing & nightshot infra red system, manual exposure controls, 4x optical zoom lens and lots of other pro features.
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  1. Nice, but I can see that we have different opinions of what a "pro" camera is.

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  2. yeah i have to agree

    i would NOT call that a pro camera.

    my uncle knows what a pro cmaera is and that is NOT ONE!!!!!

    talk about 2000 pounds for an entry level pro camera.
    detachable lenses.


    i could go on

  3. It's designed to go head to head against the Canon G5 and G3 (Apple took designation of G4 and won't let Canon use it.) The Canon G3 and G5 are labeled prosumer which means they are better than any consumer cameras, but worst than any professional cameras. A true professional camera would be a digital SLR camera such as the Canon EOS D-60
  4. I know this is a really old post but I don't come here often. But I just wanted to say I got a really good laugh out of this. Thanks a lot 8)
  5. The Canon G5 looks like a beautiful camera. I've been thinking lately of saving up a bit and buying one. It's not a professional camera, but it will keep any serious amateur happy. :smile:

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  6. Nikon 5700. Beauty. Still not a pro camera. Way better than a V1 though. The EOS-1DS, now thats a pro. 11 Megapixels and 30 shots in a 10 sec burst...butt ugly though.

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