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Change from 560Ti to 660Ti?

I currently run:
Dell XPS 8300
Processor: Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Memory: 16GB
64-bit Windows 7 Professional
Default Dell PSU (500w I think?)

I know nothing about the hardware side of computers, but can I just pull the graphics card out and swap it with a 660Ti? Do I need to upgrade the PSU or what?
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    i don't think there will be any problem. if you have recent drivers iu just swap the card it should work right away though it is recommended for you to install latest driver for it
  2. Ok thankyou. Is a new PSU required or recommended for this?

    For the 560Ti ( ) it says Minimum System Power Requirement is 500 W

    For the 660Ti ( ) it says Minimum System Power Requirement is 450 W

    So I am guessing not. But say I wanted to add a new fan or some LED's, would this require a new PSU?
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  4. You should be fine with your current supply with the 660ti but I would recommend upgrading a little bit. Jumping up to 600 won't hurt. My rule is that you never want to be scraping by on power.
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