GTX 650 ti,would it be a good choice?!

I'm looking to upgrade from radeon 6670 ddr3,and Asus GTX 650ti direct cu II looks like a fine card for the money.Reviews show that it's faster than radeon 6850 and nvidia gtx 460 but a tiny bit behind radeon 6870,so for me this should be a good jump i guess.How well should it run games at 1600x900? BTW Its 128 bit memory interface worries me but it's a kepler :D. Rest of my cofig is Phenom 555 @3.4ghz,4 gb of ram.
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  1. It's good card from a reputable manufacturer. It would seem that you've done some reading, but I'll say that your card would perform admirably under 1080p.

    I agree that the memory interface would leave a lot to be desired, but it's not bad altogether. Hmmm. I'm not sure, but your processor might hold your card back. Again, not sure.
  2. you might bnottleneck that say wait or upgrade your ram and cpu
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