Gtx 680 or gtx 670

HI people

im confused about 2 things :

1- get gtx 680 or save 100$ and get gtx 670 ?

2- i see most new game are supported by AMD does that mean its time to use AMD cards or stay on nvidia for physx ?
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  1. Friend , this type of question has been answered a ton times . Search the forum thoroughly and u will get ur answer . Also refer graphics card reviews in this website. Well in my opinion buy zotac gtx 670 amp! Edition , and save $100
  2. Having a GTX 680 myself, I advise against it. It is a great card, but it isn't worth the extra 100 bucks, unless you get a good deal on it. A GTX 670 will handle pretty much the same a GTX 680 would.

    This "support" matter is of little importance. Games will run well on both if you have a decent card. Also, PhysX is pretty much useless. Very few games use it to begin with, and among those the difference of using it or not is hardly noticeable in most cases. One could argue that games such as Arkham Asylum may justify the technology, but I find that hard to support. The game is great whether or not you can use PhysX, and in fact, you will soon forget it is even there.

    So, I would go for a GTX 670 or a 7970, whichever one you get a decent deal on.
  3. The 670. 10% slower, $100 cheaper. If you can be patient to wait, you can sometime find 670s below $350. A real bargain to be honest


    AMD option is going to be the 7970. Faster (%5), same price (ditch this idea out if you can buy a 670 below $350).

    PhysX is honestly what I won't be looking onto. First of all, the games that supports advanced PhysX is very few (you can search that on wikipedia, list of games that supports PhysX). Second, PhysX in radeon is still possible, either from hybrid PhysX or simple PhysX using the CPU.

    Honestly I said this several time every week in this forum. I think people needs to make it clear that PhysX is not the main thing you can judge a GPU in. It pretty much doesn't matter that much. It's just a plus from nvidia, but not everything. It's just good marketing :). You are the lucky one to ask me here :).

    Edit: Watch this:
  4. well , i will get the gtx 670 then and save 100$ , about physx ...i dont know if there will be much games that support it ....we should not forget the difference between off and on physx in some games like hawken and mafia 2 when you see it you say damn i have to get nvidia card , in the same time look at crysis , crysis 2 was support it but now crysis 3 doesn't it supported by AMD the upcoming tomb raider also , so im still confused between nvidia and amd .
  5. you can get one like 670 power edition and it will be the same as 680
  6. I have a GTX 680, and love it. A GTX 670 is a better deal, no doubt. Don't worry about "support", as both AMD and nVidia will run similarly in 99% of games. The best value in your price range is a GTX 670 or a HD 7970. They both offer great value at their respective price.
  7. Just to remind you, The cards I suggested is going to not have the same price tomorrow.
  8. No doubt the 670GTX! The 680 isn't worth the 100$ for 10-15 FPS more.
  9. First of all 680 will overclock better then 670, so if you are into overclocking get 680 will give you better performance over 670, Just look at the benchmarks.
    if not buy you a factory overclocked 670 and save some money.

    Also on PHYSICSits pointless to just buy nVIDIA for just that, There are ver very few games which support that. Last game I played was Borderlands 2 which supported PHYSICS. Also check out deals on 7970 GHZ , they are similar or better performers then 680.
  10. i know hd 7970 is better than both with less price but im thinking about the upcoming games will support physx or not and how many games
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