HD6670 1GB DDR5 . directX only shows 702mb

Hello, just want to ask. how come it thus not share my memory. no hypermemory. and im geting lower. not even 1gb.
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  1. use gpu-z for graphics info
  2. i try it just now. 1gb. wonder why directx show 702mb only..
  3. dont worry about it your video card is too slow to take advantage of 1 gig of video memory anyways
  4. i kinda worry. cause i paid for 1gb. what mean by to slow sir?
  5. well dont worry they gave you more ram than the card can use. its a marketing thing ppl will think its better and pay more for the extra ram but it will not benefit you

    your card is not powerfull enough to take advantage of that much memory if that makes more sense
  6. I dont think there are many people out there that get the correct vram amount with dxdiag, it is usually way off the mark... but if GPU-Z shows that the card has 1gig of vram installed then it really has 1gig of vram.
    lol if you are bored you could count the vram packages on the board and google the model number to find out how much vram each one of them holds. (ram packages are flat and black square components around the gpu chip itself, depending on the type of cooler used they might be easy to see (or not))
    for example

    This GDDR5 memory chip is made by Samsung and the model number is K4G20325F0-FC03.
  7. ok. thank you so much sir alvine and sir kari for the info.
  8. pksinbad said:
    ok. thank you so much sir alvine and sir kari for the info.

    When did those two get knighted? :lol:
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