GT640-Bf3 and sim city?

Will my MSI GT640 2gb run bf3 on high and SimCity
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  1. I have no idea about simcity, but it will not run bf3 on high on a 1080p monitor or anything beyond. at lower resolutions it is a possibility
  2. At 1080p not even close more like all low.


    Simcity will be fine though
  3. the new sim city? i think the graphics of that is also on the heavy side, but, we'll have to wait and see.
    for bf3? maybe all low
  4. Wouldn't touch it with less than a 7750, at least based on that link above. That's the single player. Multiplayer is more demanding and will crush older dual core cpus. If you have a quad core clocker higher you *might* be playable. But it will be choppy a lot of the time.
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