Can't play music CD's - Help

I've never had this problem before. When I put any (retail or burned) music CD into either my CDROM or DVDROM, Winamp & Media Player both refuse to play it;

>Winamp just says [unknown host] cda://Y,1 (2,3,....)
>Media Player just tells me it's an unknown format

Both drives can read data & game CD's just fine. I have asociated the media players with audio CD's, but it didn't help.

Anyone have any ideas?



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  1. hmmmm reinstall winamp?

    also u might want to check your device section, make sure all your audio codecs havnt been messed up or deleted, under the soundcard tab usually.

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  2. yeah, try reinstalling the App, i had that problem with mine, it wouldn't play in MusicMatch for some reason, so i just reloaded the program and Whaa Laaa it worked fine!

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