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first a lil about my self so you dont think im a dummy! I have 4 AA degrees and I'm self tough in electronics and computer repair! I've been in my local paper 4 times for inventions. I'm all so the worlds worst speller! so I recently to on a wifi satellite dish antenna project. Ive been fallowing http://www.engadget.com/2005/11/15/how-to-build-a-wifi-biquad-dish-antenna/ Guide. So here my question why do I have to use a N - connector. Why cant I just drill a hole into the 1/4 " thick black plastic the same size as coaxes cable use the center as the main attachment and the outer breaded wire solder to the copper sheeting that is epoxy to the 1/4 " thick Black plastic when done epoxy the cable in to the plastic rout it through the horn and out!
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  1. Fallow up.

    Well i put my idea to the test by bye passing the N-Connect. Sad to say it didn't work here why I think! I put it to the test on a cantenna after getting it all made and hooked up I couldnt seem to focus on any pacific point. all though i had a really strong signal I used MetaGeek inSSIDer software for my signal strength tester. So I notice that when i pulled the wire (coaxes) out of the can my signal didnt change by much. the wifi card was using the hole wire instead of what was suppose to be the antenna and being directional. You need a connector as antenna signal start/end piont of your antenna to feed to the receiver. Well thats what I think any way
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