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My buddy has a older computer doesn't want to buy a new computer he wants to keep it cause he doesn't have the money for a new computer.
What can he possibly do to upgrade this computer we believe the PSU just went out on the computer so we are taking it to a computer shop to get a diagnostic if so we are gonna order the stock 600w psu for like $50 is there anything we can do to upgrade the GPU or the RAM for under $100


The link is the exact computer he has.
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  1. um, do NOT cheap out on a PSU. also 600W is overkill for those specs, get a 400-500W from a reputable company such as antec, seasonic, or corsair
  2. as for upgrading, what do you plan to do with the computer? if it's gaming, a 7750 to 7770 from AMD would be the way to go IMO
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