120Hz HDTV connecting to the Graphic Card help !


I will buy a HDTV that can go upto 600Hz RefreshRate and I want to use it as a monitor for my PC. I have a GTX 680.

The real problem is that I want to not be limited to only 60Hz when I will connect my TV to my PC, because VGA cable have maximum bandwidth only for 60Hz for a 1080p resolution, but my TV has only VGA and HDMI ports.

Now my question is if I can connect that TV both with a HDMI and a VGA cable to my Graphic Card, to have 120Hz ?
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  1. Only computer monitors have 120hz, the "600/800/1200+hz" is just 60hz with some modern technology put in to it to make it smoother.
    No matter what TV you purchase you only get 60hz.
    I myself play on a Samsung LED TV with "600hz" but only get 60hz no matter what cables i use.
    So if you want 120hz while playing you need a Monitor : )
  2. Jarlsuki speaks truth!

    that and with high end equipment like that, don't use VGA, go digital and at least use DVI. for an HDTV you should only be using HDMI or displayport
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