What would be better for gaming?

Hi, im looking to buy a laptop mainly for gaming

What would be best for gaming out of these gpus and screen resolutions:

NVIDIA GT650M with High definition - 1600 x 900


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M with 1366 x 768 screen???

I understand the GTX is the greater of the two GPU's but will the screen resolution of the laptop with the GT 650M provide greater graphics and overall gaming experience?

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  1. The GTX 660m is the lowest I would go for gaming, I have that in my laptop running at 1920x1080 playing new games such as bf3 at high/ultra. However that screen resolution is a bit sad =/. I'd probably still go with the 660m one though, besides it probably has a display output you could always hook a tv/monitor to it when your at home gaming!
  2. Definitely 660M, bud! And I agree with goll25....it's a shame the resolution is so low, it's capable of a lot more. I would look into possibly hooking it up to a nice TV.

    But definitely 660M.
  3. Definitely buy whatever laptop you think will run games, and then just throw it out the window and go buy a real desktop gaming PC.
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