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I just finished my new build, with a i5 3570k and gigabyte hd7850 2gb, and whenever I try to run a game in directx 11 it is unplayable/looks terrible. The games, wow and civ5, look pixalated to point where text is unreadable and the game is just downright ugly. This happens in fullscreen mode, in windowed fullscreen the game looks better but still rather blurry, like someone smeared vasiline on my moniter.

Everything runs great in directx 9, but Id rather be onboard with 11. In CCC, morphological sampling is turned off, and a settings are default. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the card twice, with no change. Microsoft website says my dx11 is up to date and is installed. Anyone who can help?
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  1. Can you please list all your system specs including your monitor model and resolution?
  2. i5 3570k, HD 7850 2gb, samsung 250 gb sdd, z77n gigabyte mobo, 8gb crucial memory, 600w corsiar psu, 40in sony bravia at 1920x1080p
  3. You're playing on a TV monitor, pixels will stretch across the screen and the picture will look fuzzy. It's a very bad idea to game on a TV monitor.
  4. Game looks sharp in directx 9, everything is blurry is directx 11. I dont think thats the screen.
  5. Can you take a snapshot from both modes?
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