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HDMI Low Quality With 7950 Good With GTS 250

I have a GTS 250 and a 7950 that I just got and my problem is that I get poor quality with my new 7950 but the quality is just fine with the old GTS 250. Has anyone experienced this?
I'm using this TV ( as my second monitor.
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    If the image looks blurred or stretched(sometimes right off the screen and other times you have black all around the screen). You most likely need to adjust the OVER/UNDER scan options in CCC(my digital flat panels -> Scaling options).
  2. Have you completely removed your drivers from your nvidia card prior to downloading and installing your 7950? Driver conflicts make mysterious things happen
  3. Thanks you guys for replying but I actually just fixed the problem. All I did was go into Catalyst > My Digital Flat-Panel > Pixel Format and changed the format.
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  5. Glad you got it fixed.
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