Replace geforce 8800gtx

So i installed crysis 3 and i cant play it :) so i was hoping someone can give me some ideas for a new geforce card

dual core 2.4
4gb ram
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  1. maybe a Gtx 660 i can play cod:bo2 at max settings 120 fps easy!:D
  2. will Gtx 660 last for awhile,or should i get something better,i mean im really happy with my 8800gtx but it has no dx11,dont know if that makes sense :/
  3. I know there are some games that are DX9 and DX11 but no DX10. Did you try DX9 mode?....or doesn't it have it?...... I can't test that game I don't have it.
  4. its only dx11 so far,its a shame really,dont know if anything will be done about that :ange:
  5. then I guess it's the 660. little overkill for the rest of your hardware. don't expect miracles.

    do you have w7 or vista?
  6. im using windows 7
  7. Budget?
  8. i was thinking around 400euros
  9. Note that the GTX-660 will be bottleneck by your CPU. Don't expect amazing FPS in most modern games, your CPU is likely to be a bottleneck more often than not.
  10. i have been thinking of upgrading my pc,maybe finally its time i mean what the point to get a new card if the fps wont be much better
  11. For Crysis 3, I wouldn't recommend anything below a GTX 670. But I guess that really depends on the resolution and settings you're going to be playing on.
  12. You really need to upgrade your CPU to get the most out of crysis 3, the beta is pegging out my sig cpu @75%
    For 1080p high setting the 660 will do a great job but for the max settings 1080p I would go for a 660ti minimum but a 670 to be bettter
  13. how do i upgrade the cpu?:)
  14. What cpu and motherboard are you running right now?

    You just either put in a new CPU that your motherboard supports or you buy a new cpu+mb+ram
  15. well i dont really know,i bought my pc from dell and its an dimension 9200
  16. Take a look at this thread.

    That being said you can always upgrade to a 670 you will be able to play the game however if your not getting good FPS and need to upgrade or even replace your PC you can use your 670 in a new rig.
  17. I think you need a whole new system kallestropp.
  18. dual core = dead

    new system by the sounds of it
  19. Well yes it is dead however that doesn't mean that he maybe able hold off for a couple of year to save up some cash. though for the cost of a 670 (I'm assuming your PSU could handle that card don't feel like looking up the 8800gtx power requires) you could also buy the $600 PC on the main page on Tom's right now which would blow your current PC out the water.
  20. well i recently changed the psu for a bigger one,but after reading all this im sure its time for something new,Dell wants around 2700euros for an
    gtx680 4gb
    32gb ram

    låter dyrt va
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