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Hey, My graphics card semi crashed today playing World of Warcraft, I currently have a geforce 8500gt operating on Windows XP,
AMD athlon 64bit 3200+ MMX 3DNow 2.0GHZ
2048MB RAM,

What looks a reasonable upgrade to me is the
KFA2 GeForce™ GT620 2048MB GDDR3 64bit DVI/VGA/PCI-E Graphics Card

Can anyone help me or advise on a better card with the same price tag

Much obliged
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  1. even the minimum requirement says dual core cpu. that an old 939 single core?

    can't reply on card. i don play WoW.
  2. For about the same price, the Radeon 6670 would be a much better choice. Or if you can stretch your budget a little bit, go for the 7750. The GT-620 isn't a gaming card, I don't recommend it.

    But as swifty_morgan said, your CPU is so old I'm not even sure it meets the minimum requirements for this game, so the bottleneck is likely to come from the CPU if you have trouble playing games.
  3. Thanks for the reply Swifty, as my missus pc is in dutch and she won't change it I can only list the info that I see.

    It very likely a single core, but WoW was playing fine on it, it just struggles a little on raids (FPS virtual standstill)

    Unfortunately like most of the World I have very limited budget so am looking for a compatible card that won't break my arm on cost, I know I only paid 40-50 pound for my 9500GT but I don't know what the equivalent is these days as they change there range names so often
    We defo think GC is on its way out and want to get a new one before it packs in
  4. Thanks MC,

    I dont know how easy it is to change a cpu but any pointers and recommends on the type I need would be a bonus :)
  5. I am guessing this one might be suitable AMD A4-5300 3.40GHz (Socket FM2) APU Trinity Dual Core Processor (AD5300OKHJBOX)
  6. Wiseomen said:
    I am guessing this one might be suitable AMD A4-5300 3.40GHz (Socket FM2) APU Trinity Dual Core Processor (AD5300OKHJBOX)

    That CPU isn't compatible with your socket. Your system is so old that you need to replace everything (brand new system).

    In the meantime, if your budget doesn't allow it and you were still able to play WoW, I would suggest something like a Radeon 6670 it doesn't cost too much and would be more powerful than your 9500 GT. You can even look for used 4670 or 5670 you can get a real good deal from second hand products sometimes.
  7. Many thanks for your advice MC much appreciated :))
  8. you could go for a geforce GT610(which is exactly a GT520, and, it has a little + over the 8500GT) or GT620, do not go for a better gpu, with that cpu of yours. I had an experience with a good video card on a single-core cpu, and it was very bad idea.
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