DirectX 9.0c Installing Over DirectX11 Problem on Win7

I want dx 9ç0c but I have dx 11 and how can I have dx 9.0c?
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  1. If you're installing a game that asks if you want to install DX9, yes, you will still have DX11 on your computer.
  2. DX 11 is already with Windows 7. DX 11 is backwards compatible with all versions previous to 11.

    You probably have a DX9 GPU only.
  3. If a program is asking for DirectX it may need a newer version of the runtime.

    Download and run the installer it will update your computers versions of DX9, 10, and 11 to the latest released editions of each.
  4. caqde. A good reason to update Windows automatically.
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