Crossfire or single graphics card? help please

hi i am looking for help finishing my new budget gaming pc and am wondering if i should get two cheaper graphics cards for a crossfire setup or save for a more expensive single card?

budget is around £150 give or take a bit

crossfire setup would mean a new mobo but im planing that anyway as mine cant oc' properly

my current setup is

asus m5a78l-m/usb3 mobo
4gb kingston hyperx ddr3
500gb hdd
q-teq 650w psu

i am updating the psu as i know there rep but it was free so took it for now
i am also planning swapping to an fx 6300 to finish my pc once ive got everything going well (current one was half price at £45 so saw oppertunity for a profit on resale)
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More about crossfire single graphics card please
  1. single card is better, crossfire should be used as a future upgrade option, when the gpu is much cheaper and you need an extra boost to play on higher settings
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