Dell XPS 8300 Gigabyte 7870 OC not working

XPS 8300
i5-2300 2.8Ghz
12 GB ram
Corsair CX 600

I just received my Gigabyte 7870 2gb from UPS yesterday and tried to install it today. When I boot up the computer after the card is installed nothing pops up on screen. The cards fans are running but no output from the card or outputs on the mobo. All of my previous cards drivers are uninstalled and I have tried the card on another computer at my local pc store and it gave output.

Any suggestions? Am I going to have to sell this card now?
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  1. Have you connected another card to your mobo? It sounds like something happened to the connectors in the PCIe slot somehow.
  2. Yes i am running a gtx 460 and i have tried a xfx 7850 and both work just fine
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