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7950 Eyefinity Skyrim

I don't have the best processor ever (an A-10 5800k), but I do have a Gigabyte Windforce 7950 (probably the best 7950 you can buy). Will my setup run Eyefinity Skyrim with 2k graphics mods? If the answer is no, will crossfire improve this? And by how much? Thanks.

Oh, by the way, I want to run 3 1080p monitors. And please don't say "Get a better processor! You are a moron for not buying an i5/ i7!" Shut up. I love my processor. Thanks again!
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  1. About the crossfire, those two can't crossfire the a10 can ONLY crossfire with 6670/6770

    no need for the 'shut up'

    and on the eyefinity i'm not sure your processor could keep up, i haven't got skyrim but i'm told a lot it's cpu intensive so eyefinity+mods does not sound too good maybe without mods? But i guess crippling the render distance and stuff not as essential might work o.O
  2. I just jumped into eyefinity with both feet on my new PC. I have eyefinity working with other games to perfection (GW2, Dead Space 2,3) and Skyrim can run on Ultra with one screen, but I can't get eyefinity to work with Skyrim at all.

    I always assumed that once I had the hardware it would be a simple process, but I was way off. Everything I am reading makes it seem like eyefinity and Skyrim is a tough match to make work.

    I was doing this all specifically for Skyrim so I'm very frustrated. Did you have any luck?

    UPDATE: After doing lots of fiddling around I was able to get it to work. Bethesda gives LESS THAN ZERO support for eyefinity, so it's all based on a bunch of plugins and mods. The UI looks like crap, but is at least visible. THe game play is great. I need to tweak the Fov a little, but it looks amazing.
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    At the highest settings with all the hi-res packs, skyrim is VERY VERY processor bound.. Like.. Wow. Read,3407-5.html This is what skyrim does to AMD's flagship CPU, and one of Intel's best gaming CPU's. Granted, the high end intel keeps it over 60 FPS. Now read,3224-17.html That has your exact processor, albeit with a different GPU. Skyrim is not a very graphically intesnsive game compared to how it just murders CPU's. That CPU is GOING TO HAVE TO BE at low settings--period. If low is okay with you, then it'll ~work.

    Edit: On second thought, in eyefinity resolutions... I doubt it'd work at all, even with everything at its lowest possible setting. 1920X1080 gets 24.5 fps. On low, I'd bet you'd get between 13-18ish in eyefinity. Totally NOT playable.
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