New graphics card causing "Detecting IDE drives" freeze on boot


I was wondering if someone could advise me. I have recently purchased a new graphics card (Zotac Geforce GTX 650 Ti AMP Edition) and when I start my system it hangs on the boot screen showing "Detecting IDE drives...". I am also unable to get into BIO Setup by pressing delete as it freezes. At first I thought this may be a hard drive issue, however whenever I plugged my old graphics card in the computer booted up fine. (Old card - Radeon 3650 512MB PCIW 2xDVI)

I managed to install windows 8 onto an old 20GB hard drive with the new graphics card in place, and that installed and was fully operational until I shut it down. So I then put my system back to its original configuration (new graphics card installed) and it froze at same point in boot up. Then I plugged the 20GB drive back in however it also then failed to boot.

My previous graphics card had a passive heatsink (not fan or power attachment) however the new GTX 650 requires its own power supply. My PSU comes with this so I connected it, I have also tried a molex adaptor to see if that makes any difference - it didn't

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be as I am stumped.

Motherboard GA-MA790X-DS4, CPU AMD Pnenom II X4 940, Memory 4GB, PSU Thermaltake W0105RB Toughpower 700Watt ATX Power Supply, HDD x1 IDE 200GB WD and x1 SATA Seagate 320GB
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  1. Looking over your configuration, your PSU should have enough power. The GPU is a bit power hungry - and Thermaltake has issues with ratings.

    The one thing I did find, you mobo has ATI video built in, and using NVidia based GPU may result in issues - First thing I would try is with the old GPU in, disable the on-board video (it might say Onboard video or PCIe - put it to PCIe as primary then), save the configuration, then power down before booting. Remove the old GPU, and insert the new one and see if it boots.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortuantely my motherboard does not have an onboard graphics card. There are not display out adaptors built into the motherboard on the backplate. I had to purchase a PCIe Graphics Card previous to get video.

    Do you have any advice with regards to PSUs? As it was managing to boot up to BIOS and showing a video output, I thought the GPU was receiving power. Is this not the case, do you think it requires more and would you reccommend trying to replace the PSU?

  3. It may have enough power for the mobo/GPU, but not the drives. I only use Seasonic, Corsair or Antec - that isn't to say that there are other reliable brands out there....these are just the ones I use.

    My favorite that would be good for your build:

    This is a great 750W power supply.
  4. Thanks again for the reply. Do you think 750W is my reccommended level? Could I get away with a lower wattage - I'm not a hard core game? I ask because I'm trying to save some money as this PSU upgrade is an unforseen added cost to the GPU. If so do you have any other lower-end reccommendations. I appreciate the help.

  5. More information. I removed both hard drives and replaced with a new 1TB SATA Seagate drive. This made no change and was hanging on boot at "Detecting IDE drives...". I then unplugged one of my case fans from the motherboard to lower power consumption - reset and managed to get past the "Detecting IDE drives..." bit. However then computer then cuts out and resets. Is this definitely suggestive of a PSU issue? Could I get away with the Corsair TX650 650W instead of the TX750 750W?

  6. Try this link:

    Fill in the items you have, and run the calculation. They recommend +10% over the load. I use this calculator great.
  7. Entered my details into that website. It states minimum PSU 495W, Recommended 545W. I am thinking og going for a 650W Edition of the Corsair you should me before


    This sound acceptable? Thanks for the help.
  8. Have you tried starting the PC with your card in the secondary slot? Sounds odd I know but what have you got to lose?
  9. Yeah had that thought myself, unfortunately that didn't work.
  10. The 650 should work fine - should be more than enough power.
  11. Okay, so....the new PSU didn't help fix the plroblem. I've no other thoughts to what is causing the problem - motherboard is working fine. Do you think the graphics card could be defective?

  12. Since the graphics card is new to the system - it could be. Do you have another graphics card to test with?
  13. Yes, I have got the Radeon HD 3650 512MB GPU that I am replacing. When I connect that windows boots up perfectly fine and no freezing on the BIOS. I have installed a new hard drive to see if that was causing the problem, and a new PSU - both no change. I know that the Processor, Motherboard and Memory are fully operational.

    This makes me think that the Graphics Card is the problem. Would that be your thought process?
  14. That definitely sounds like it.
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