Wait to upgrade or SLI with old?

Hey guys, I currently have a single GTX 570 that I am using, and I found myself needing more memory.

Seeing as the 570s are no longer made, I was wondering if it would be better to buy an additional used 570 and SLI them (I found one for $180, though I would probably be able to negotiate more), or wait until the 700 or 800 GTX series comes out (or the AMD equivalent).

If I upgraded, I may or may not get 2 to SLI, depends on the price and my budget at the time.

Any thoughts?
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  1. If your concern is the memory, SLI won't solve your problem. ( I assume GPU memory that you are having issue with )

    Depends on your budget now or later and what resolution you are playing with, buying new card that fits your needs is better, instead of SLI.
  2. Like the other guy said, if you don't have a 2.5gb 570, I wouldn't sli. You will get pretty major bottlenecks. You could also upgrade to a 7970ghz, but it might now be a bad idea to wait if you feel happy with the quality you are getting right now.
  3. My recommendation is to wait for next-gen, or if you can't, to grab a 7970.
  4. I vote for getting 1 strong card instead of 2 of the same cards because not all games scale properly with 2 cards. Plus, you might have forgotten that 5xxGTX series consumes TONS of power, you'll need at least a 850/950w PSU, if you don't have one already, don't bother upgrading it now just to get a second card, just wait for the new releases :)
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