Intel duo core e4500 can run two video cards

Can you run two video cards with the intel duo core e4500 2.20?
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  1. it depend on the motherboard.
  2. Depends on the card. Your cpu may bottle neck your video cards.
  3. post your mobo and cpu info(model, etc)
    or check and see if your mobo has 2 pcie slots.
    if you were going to buy new instead of xfireing/sli, i'd recommend a single, more powerful card.
  4. Ok this is what i am trying to do, I want to run three Dell LCD monitor my Dell D630 ran all three monitors using Startech VGA to USB 2.0 adapters. I know a laptop is ot designed to do this. So I bought a used Dell Inspiron 530 to run all three and someday a fourth monitor.

    Mother board: foxcom G33M02
    Power Supply: Bestec model ATX 0300 D5WB 200-240V
    Intel(r) Core (TM) Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz

    I plugged one monitor to the output from what I can see is part of the mother board
    I then connected the other two monitors using the VGA to USB startech 2.0
    Only one monitor displayed

    Asked questions locally and was told to install a video card.

    Video card purchased - used: NVIDA GFroce 6 Series I believe 256MB it promted me to download lastest version drivers, done.

    Still cannot get three monitors to work, however I plug one monitor into the new/used installed video card and then using the VGA to USA I can get two monitors to work.

    The mother board monitor output for the monitor does not work at this point and time.
    I shut down the computer and turned it back on, now the mortherboard monitor output is working and by using the VGA to USB I can get a second monitor to work, but nothoing from the video card.

    There is this message at start up, Attention: Unsupported video configuration detection.

    This computer has an add-in graphics card but the monitor cable is unplgged into the intergrated video connetor.
    To attach the monitor cable to the add-in grpahics card shut down the computer/plug monitor cable into the add-in graphics card connector and turn on computer.

    I did this but the the motherboard monitor output does not work.

    Any thoughts to my story?
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